How to buy leather lingerie - a man's guide to getting it right first time.

How to Buy a Woman Lingerie
It doesn't matter how long you’ve been together, buying leather underwear for your wife or girlfriend is very sexy thing to do.

Here’s our expert guide to getting it right first time

1. Know her size - 
You’re going to need know her bra, waist and hip sizes, so get ready to gather your key intel without being caught and blowing the surprise- 

If you live together, you’re probably approved to respectfully rifle through her drawers in order to figure out what sizes she wears.

If the relationship isn’t quite that serious, then you will have to go into full spy mode – but please, only snoop within reason.


Luxury leather lingerie

Miss Fortune harness bra from £175


Our recommendation has always been to find three different bras and three different panties, write down the size of each – or take a picture of the labels.

You should be able to get herwaist size from a skirt, bra sizes can only from other bras, and hip sizes from panties and jeans. Because sizes vary so much from brand to brand, if you get three items they will probably all be different sizes, but don’t worry we can usually sort it out for you and get an idea of what Lux leather size you need to be buying – email us for advice.


2. When You Don’t Know Her Size
If you’re really taking a stab in the dark, my advice is don’t! There is nothing worse than receiving an exquisite piece of leather that doesn’t fit. Far better to give a gift token and a gorgeously tactile leather Miss Fortune adjustable string in a cute Lux gift box.

Lux gift box

Lux Tenebrae Gift box with token and Miss Fortune String

 What's great about this is that your beloved still has something hand-made and irresistible to open, you both get to feel how gorgeously tactile this leather is, you both get to smell the mouthwatering aroma of luxury leather, the string is adjustable so should fit really well and you can get to build your collection later starting from this one key piece. We send everything out in gift boxes, because it's nicer, and of course there's our  free worldwide delivery.  And if after all this your string doesn't fit, we'll be happy to make you one that does or refund it.


Miss Fortune adjustable string

Miss Fortune adjustable string £55



2. Which colour? Easy - Black always black
We have an almost overwhelming choice of leather colours here, but if in you’re in any doubt, my advice is always to go with black. You will never regret buying black leather - it remains both sexy and classy, it looks great against everyone’s skin tone, it goes with everything and it remains utterly fabulous for years. In fact, it will just get better with age.

miss fortune tailored suspender girdle


Miss Fortune tailored girdle £199

3. Present it in a Thoughtful Way
We send our orders out in elegant black boxes tied with black satin ribbons, so all you will need to do is maybe add a sexy note and then present it with panache.
Be original - women really love surprises. Imagine the kudos you’ll get if as she's waking up in the morning, and you have already left for work, she sees a beautiful Lux gift box on the pillow, filled with gorgeously sensual leather lingerie. Or call her at lunch and say "When you get home, there's a surprise waiting for you under the bed.' .... and then you both hurry home...

miss fortune leather girdle