What if it doesn't fit?

We sell two types of item and they are treated differently under UK law.
1. Things that are custom-made, where you choose options on the item page.
2. Things that are pre-made and ready to ship, bought from our Outlet.

Custom Made - What if it doesn't fit?  

In practice there are rarely problems with the fit of custom-made items since they are a duplicate of your final agreed toile, or your supplied measurements. Even so, some people will still want to alter their finished custom-made order after it has been signed off and delivered.

Within limits, we can alter finished items, but sometimes alterations would mean completely deconstructing your item

Any changes to your item after they have been signed off and delivered are always treated as a new order and charged at our normal rate of £40 per hour plus materials and postage. There is a 1 hr minimum charge, then per 1/2 hr after that. 

The most common reasons for alterations after delivery are:

Using a guestimate instead of giving exact measurements (happens really often on waistbands) Always use a tape measure

Being on a diet or hoping to lose weight but not actually doing so, or going on holiday and changing shape.

Taking ages between getting the fitting and reporting the details back to us.

If we were to make an error on your custom-made item, then under UK Law you are entitled to a repair by us (but there is no entitlement to a refund) and we will make good your item immediately.

Outlet - What if it doesn't fit?  

If you order anything from our Outlet and it doesn't fit, it's easy to return it for a refund, if you want to swap for a different size please return for a refund and place a new order for the different size. No quibble, no problem.