All Orders - Delivered Worldwide FREE, and with our compliments (but please consider insuring your order)

It doesn't matter where you live, we want you to be able to receive our leather quickly and easily. We send everything under plain wrap whether by Royal Mail in the UK or Hermes, Royal Mail and Fedex worldwide.
If you could leave a phone number as you check out that will help with delivery and it's obligatory for courier shipping these days.
Postage rates are now so high, that we offer you only a very basic free shipping choice so that you can top this up with the level of cover and speed you want for your item - If you don't buy tracking or insurance at checkout, then your order will go out as 2nd class or International standard -  it's slow, it's only got £20 of insurance cover included, but it will get to you. You can add insurance and tracking cover at any point here.

For any Royal Mail International order that seems delayed, please check the Royal Mail International Incident page for the latest info, it's updated hourly. 

We can also get you a Courier, and there are multiple options for tracking as well. Take your pick at checkout. 

Worth pointing out that the fast courier options don't get you through the waiting list any quicker, it's just to do with how fast they move after your order has left the studio.


Import duties

Your order will be shipped from the UK, so most International orders are likely to incur customs charges when they land in their destination country, depending on the strictness of your customs officials. We have no control over these charges. Having said all this we'll do what we can to help you, please email if you have any concerns.



From 21st June 2021 trade with new clients within the EU is paused with the exception of orders from Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Monaco and San Merino which remain unaffected.

This is a direct result of the ongoing trade disruption on the border combined with the new EU regulations.


Current and past EU clients please email  Jules


With regret we will not take on new clients with delivery addresses in the EU. 

Please read here before you send us emails appealing our decision and pointing out ways in which we could still get an order through if we only did this or that, and how it will be easy to get an order through. Please believe us, it's not as easy as you think, and respect our decision.