Postage USA and Canada

£15.75 GBP

Postage to USA and Canada is at a flat rate of £15.75

You can upgrade the delivery speed by choosing a courier instead of Royal Mail. This doesn't affect the speed through the waiting list, just the speed or your order after dispatch


Your order will be shipped from the UK, so most International orders are likely to incur customs charges when they land in their destination country, depending on the strictness of your customs officials. We have no control over these charges. Having said all this we'll do what we can to help you.



All orders go through as invoiced.


Virtually all items sent to Canada (above CA$20/GB£12) are subject to duty and taxes. A GST tax of 5% is applied to all imports to Canada. Depending upon the province of destination within Canada, additional sales tax may be applies as well.

If shipping to Canada please tell us how much would you like to declare/insure your order for-

The minimum is £10 - this should not get charged at customs, but should the parcel go missing (highly unlikely, but it has happened) you will only be covered for £10

Insure for £50 (or up) - you will pay GST on £50 (or up) , but if it goes missing you are covered for £50 (or up)