You can cancel an order up to the point we start work on your pattern and/or  within 14 days of ordering – all you need to do is notify us of your intention to do so in writing - either by emailing us to cancel, or using the model cancellation form here. We will then give you a full refund, less any costs already incurred. If we haven't started work then these costs are generally only the non-refundable 4.5% fee that Shopify charges us per order.

Under UK law we don't have to accept any cancellations once work has begun, or after 14 days. In practice this is unpleasant for everyone concerned, and so we often still accept your cancellation as follows:

We will refund you, minus the 4.5% Shopify fee, minus a charge for any work done @£40 per hour plus materials and postage for fittings when applicable.

Making custom orders is a collaborative process between us and you, and sometimes that relationship breaks down and we need to cancel the order/contract to protect ourselves from financial loss. The usual way this happens is as follows:

Failure to send measurements:

There are all sorts of valid reasons why this can happen and we've found the easiest least stressy thing for everyone concerned is simply to give a full refund for the amount paid, allowing you to re-order when everything has settled down and you are ready to go.

To keep everything running smoothly we now say that if a client has not supplied us any measurements within four weeks of their order, we will consider the order cancelled and refund the full amount paid, less any costs.

Failure to give feedback on fittings sent:

When we send your fitting, we expect to get detailed feedback from you within a reasonable period of time, for argument's sake let's say within two weeks. If after three weeks we haven't heard from you then we will send you a reminder, but if you haven’t supplied enough feedback for us to continue work after four weeks we will consider the order cancelled by you and refund you for the amount paid, less any costs, Shopify fees or the work done @£40 per hour plus materials and postage.