Wait list

Excellence before speed. The Lux wait list.            

Outlet and stock orders placed today next dispatch daily.

Small items placed today, Est dispatch 4 Feb

Large itemplaced today, around 6 months to finished item

Glove orders placed today Est. dispatch  mid February


All orders - Here is your estimated order number dispatch date:  

Next dispatch   28 Jan

1. 2987, 2988, 2992

2. 2906 shirt fitting #2

3. 2808 Shirt

Est dispatch  4 Feb

1. 2987, 2988, 2992

2. 2895 jeans

3. 2881/2935 dresses Fitting #2

Est dispatch  11 Feb

1. 2906 shirt

Est dispatch  18 Feb

1. 2951 Shirt 

Est dispatch  25 Feb

1. 2975 corset 

Est dispatch  3 Mar

1. 2881 dress 

Est dispatch  10 Mar

1. 2935 dress

Est dispatch  17 Mar

1. 2959 military gloves, hat, corset

Est dispatch  24 Mar

1. 2959 military armour

Est dispatch  31 Mar

1. 2959 military shirt





2808 - shirt- in production

2881/2935 dresses Fitting #1 feedback received in queue

2895 - jeans Fitting #1 sent awaiting feedback

2906 - shirt - Fitting #1 feedback received in queue

2927 - skirt - in production

2951 - shirt - measurements received , in queue

2959 - military measurements received , in queue

2975 - corset measurements received , in queue





Brexit - no one knows what will happen at the EU border, and what the knock on effect will be at Royal Mail, so we're posting all orders out as soon as they are ready to go. So the dates below are still a good guideline, but we may be faster. 

Small items of lingerie and undies are hand-made by a specialist team and are cut on a Tuesday for dispatch the following Wednesday, there may or may not be queue, but you should get a very accurate idea from checking your order number against the shipping dates above.


Anything that isn't lingerie, undies or gloves goes is made by our tailoring team  - and with increasing demand for our lovely leather and a limited number of us skilled enough to make it for you, the typical turnaround time for large orders may be months from the date ordered.

Turnaround time for larger items depends on a couple of things:

1. If you have given all details with your order, so we are good to go straight to leather at this end, then you will go straight on the end of the waiting list and work your way up through in numerical order. Work in front of you may involve several fittings, and every time we send a fitting out, you will go up one place in the queue. In this way you will progress quickly through the queue. But any fittings that are signed off will be made before you, and this can look as though you are stuck in the same place on the queue for ages. 

2. If your order involves details that you need to check and send and/or fittings you will also go straight onto the queue, and we will endeavour to get your fittings out ASAP so that you can continue in the queue whilst you check your fitting at home. 

There are no guidelines as to how long a larger item may take to go through the fitting process to completion as each of you will take a different amount of time to get your measurements over and your fittings checked. We do know how long your pattern will take to draw, how long each of your fittings takes to prep and how long it will take us to hand-make your item  - yet with increasing demand for our lovely leather and a limited number of us skilled enough to make it for you, the typical turnaround time for large orders may be months from the date ordered, this means that unless you've spoken to us beforehand we cannot guarantee a date, even so, we always do our best to accommodate requests.  





When the waiting list goes out past six months we close the order books until we've caught up again.


Size Charts
Ladies Sizes - we make our patterns to fit these measurements.
Ladies Size 
  UK 8 UK 10 UK 12 UK 14
Bust 84 33 86 34 92 36 96 38
Waist 66 26 71 28 76½ 30 81½ 32
Hips 87½ 34½ 91½ 36 96½ 38 101½ 40





 Mens size - we make our patterns to fit these measurements.



To find your regular glove size, take the measurement around your palm, glove sizing is still done in inches, so you'll need to convert if necessary - 2.54cm = 1 inch.

Our gloves are on the tight side, so you may want to round up or down according to how you like them to fit, a good regular fit by sizing up, a super tight fit by sizing down.