Payment and Deposit Page

£100.00 GBP

Please choose your amount from the drop down menu. 

Round your 25% deposit up or down to get to the nearest multiple of £50. We will then calculate your final balance which will become payable as we order your leather and prepare to make your finished item.

We also use this page for all sorts of other payments coming into Lux like final balances, and one off bespoke items, so don't be surprised if you see some strange looking amounts on the drop down list. Some weeks it looks a bit chaotic



Once you are at checkout you will be able to pay in the following ways, please choose which ever method suits you best.

Bank Transfer 

UK sort code is 60 83 71   A/C 14193313


  • IBAN AND BIC: GB02SRLG60837114193313
  • Business Account name: Lux Tenebrae, 55a Brookside, Pill, BS20 0LA, UK
  • Bank name and address: Starling Bank, Starling Bank Operations Team, 5th Floor Brunel House, 2 Fitzalan Road, Cardiff, CF24 0FG, UK

Please use your order number as reference

Credit and Debit Cards

We accept American Express, MasterCard, and Visa cards, also Apple Pay and Amazon Pay

Cash should be sent recorded or Special Delivery, we will email you over a receipt.
Lux Tenebrae, The Glass House, 55a Brookside, Pill, BS20 0LA, UK

Following a number of incidents, and for the protection of ourselves and our customers we no longer accept Paypal, please read more about these issues here:

Problems with Paypal


When you pay us a deposit you are telling us that you are agreeing to buy a custom-made item that we will make for you, and it means you are entering into a contract with us, meaning there are obligations on both you and us.

We must all be clear about:

  • the exact specification for the item you are buying 
  • the amount of deposit you pay, usually 25%
  • when the balance has to be paid, (usually just before we are ready to make your item, but you can spread payments if that's easier) - we won't send out anything that has not been fully paid for.
  • when the item will be ready after the final fitting. 

In addition, you must also be ready to:

  • supply measurements within a reasonably short period of ordering
  • give detailed feedback within a reasonable period of receiving each fitting
  • have a tape measure or access to someone with one to help you through the straight forward fitting process, we need exact amounts not guestimates.