Leather colour chart

  Dark Grey  


  Electric Blue


  Deep Green




  Purple Rain


 Flamingo pink Flamingo


  Cherry Red

  Lipstick red

  Tangerine Dragon

  Hermes Orange

  British Tan






  Perf Black 

  Perf White

Specials - colours and one-offs 


Purple Haze Purple Haze - all items of lingerie, possibly up to mini skirt size


Azure blue Azure Blue -small items


Blush rose Blush rose - small items only

Mother of Dragons Black Mother Of Dragons Black crocodile embossed - 


Our luxurious British glove leathers from Pittards are delicate to the touch, and yet are washable by hand or machine, treat as wool. Incredibly soft and thin, this drum dyed, aniline hairsheep leather has an average thickness 0.5mm and yeild of around 5sq ft per skin so because of their small size, larger garments may have more seams than expected.





Washing instructions:

Hand Wash -  For best results -

  • Produce a good lather in lukewarm water using mild detergent or soapflakes.
  • Immerse your item and wash gently on your hands.
  • Remove item and rinse thoroughly in clean water.
  • Squeeze out all excess water from the fingers downwards and pull gently into shape.
  • Hang to dry away from direct sunlight or heat.
  • White items should not be washed with coloured articles. Coloured items may be washed with articles of a similar colour provided the above instructions are followed.
  • For best results wash items before they become too soiled!

Machine wash:

  • Wash your item on the low temperature (up to 30°C) gentle cycle of a domestic washing machine (only where recommended).
  • Use a mild soap or soap flakes that are recommended for washing woollens.
    • Cotton or synthetic washing materials and those containing bleach or Sodium Perborate are not suitable.
    • Do not use any fabric conditioner.
    • Do not use strong washing materials as they may damage the leather's performance properties.
  • Ensure that your items are thoroughly rinsed.
  • Spin gently, pull into shape and hang to dry in natural room temperature away from direct sunlight.


  • When nearly dry, put the item on hand to restore shape and softness.
  • Remove from your body and hang up to dry fully.
  • When dry place on your body and buff the surface with a soft cloth.

Colour Fastness

The colour fastness of leather is highly dependent on shade and finish

The aniline glove leather we use, by virtue of its delicate nature, can be made using only a limited range of dyestuffs meaning certain intense fashion colours may achieve no better than grade 2 on a grey scale assessment.This is perfectly adequate for everyday wear on it's own but requires caution if the leather is to be used in conjunction with other materials.