Feel free to contact us about anything you like, we're here to make your life better.

Our number is 0781 7369221 but reception in the studio is rubbish, and we often can't actually get to the phone because we're doing some tricky stitching.

So for the quickest response, please use a text message - use if you are happy with a very informal short reply. Text is not so good for placing orders though as we need to be able to find your instructions clearly, so for anything longer than a one or two word reply, think about emailing instead.

Email:  Perfect for placing orders, sending measurements, pictures of fittings, all the things you'll need to do - expect answers perhaps once a day 

email jules'at'luxtenebrae'dot'com 

If you can't explain in writing, then do phone through your query. +44 (0)781 7369221

We are still a small business and you will usually go straight through to Jules, but reception is bad in the studio and often the phone doesn't even ring at our end.

Lines are open:
Monday – Friday:
10am - 5pm GMT / 5am - 12noon EST


Jules, Lux Tenebrae, The Glass House, 55a Brookside, Pill, BS20 0LA, UK