Tailored Suspender Girdle Black Edition

£219.00 GBP £164.25 GBP

Sale item available in black only (no contrast colours).

Delectable tailored long line suspender girdle covers you in sleek glove leather from underbust to hip, just like a second skin.

Does up at back with a row of hooks and eyes either side of the lacing. You only have to use one set, the two sets are for visual balance.

Beautiful corset style lacing for fine tuning your fit.
Six adjustable satin elastic straps with metal fixtures.

Hidden integral waistband and tailored pattern gives a light cinch for amazing definition with supreme comfort. This girdle is designed to let you adjust up and down by one dress size using the lacing - (remember to loosen the lacing to put the corset on and off so there's no strain on just one or two hooks - only cinch the lacing when all the hooks are done up)

Supersoft, glove leather is so fine you can even see the outline of your belly button.

Fully boned in synthetic whalebone to keep your shape.


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