Overbust Corset

£572.00 GBP

Unique points:

Overbust corset

Steel busk and boning

Gently curved top and bottom edges.

COLOURS - Available in our full range of  leather colours. And with optional contrast edging and lacing

SIZING - All our corsets are built to have a 2" gap down the back and a 2" 3" waist reduction depending on the size.

Sizes 8 and 10 have a 2" reduction, and a 2" gap

sizes 12,14,16 have a 3" reduction, and a 2" gap

This means:

size 8 has a finished 22" waist

size 10 has a finished 24" waist

size 12 has a finished 25" waist

size 14 has a finished 27" waist

size 16 has a finished 29" waist

 All corsets are made to order please check our wait list before you order.

Made to Measure items are made straight from your instructions, and so we'll need to get some info from you about size

1. Underbust measurement


2. Underbust to waist measurement

3. Your actual waist measurement

4. Desired waist reduction. Or desired finished waist of the corset - WARNING - don't forget we are going to build a 2" gap into the corset, so if you want a 24" waist you'd order a 22" corset. But please acknowledge the 2" gap, Finished waist to be 22" with a 2" gap.

5. Your high hip measurement, 3" below your waist

6. Your mid hip measurement 5" below your waist



It's entirely up to you, but I'd always suggest a bespoke option for an overbust corset, so that you can test the fit across the top of your breast, it's different for each person. The underbust corsets don't need the same level of precision, and a made to measure or even off the peg is usually spot on.


Dry Clean.

Usually made for you within 4 weeks, but built to last a lifetime. Please check you are happy with our wait list before you order.

What if it doesn't fit?  

Upgrade to Bespoke. Have a cotton fitting sent to you.