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Enjoy complete peace of mind by simply upgrading to our bespoke service, and we will send you a cotton fitting toile so that from the comfort of your own home you can check all your measurements for precise fit, change any elements you weren't sure about and generally tweak your final design.

To upgrade to bespoke simply click the 'Add to cart' button on this page for each item you wish to be bespoke.


Made to Measure items miss out this fitting process, and are instead made straight from your instructions, and so offer a slightly quicker, less expensive alternative as sometimes that's all that's needed. All the items on our site come with made to measure as standard at the price shown. 

Made to Measure is perfect for small things like undies, suspender belts, bras, many skirts and some underbust corsets. Ask Jules for advice if you are unsure.

Both services involve you sending measurements and having an individual pattern made for you.
Both have the same premium workmanship - all of our finished items take days of intricate, delicate hand work.

The difference between the two is that Bespoke items also include a series of fitting toiles to get a perfectly tailored garment, whereas Made to Measure items miss out the fitting process, and are instead made straight from your instructions.

What if it doesn't fit?

If you find your finished Made to Measure order doesn't fit you, yet it is exactly to the supplied measurements, and you wish us to alter the item, there is a small charge of £30 per hour plus materials. We often don't charge you for small tweaks here and there.
Your Bespoke order should always fit you perfectly, since it will be a duplicate of the final agreed fitting: and we try and have as little time as possible between final fitting and finished garment, we also keep a record of all measurements and the final fittings stay in the studio until we hear back from you that your item is perfect. But if there is any error on or part we will make good your item immediately, or remake it if necessary. You can be completely confident that with our bespoke service you will have a perfectly fitting item.
Our Bespoke Service

We know that it’s not possible for everyone to get to our studio, in which case our bespoke service runs as follows:

Upon ordering, we'll send you a list of measurements to take at home which we'll use to make your personal pattern.

If you need help when taking measurements then Jules is only a phone call or email away. 

Then we make your first fitting toile (a white cotton replica of your order) for you to try out in the comfort of your own home, or here at the studio.

It comes with a small checklist of things for you to look through, and some pins and pens for marking the toile.

You report back to us via email any alterations you wish.
It's a real help if you can send digital pictures with your instructions so that we can see in detail, how the toile fits you.

You are not on your own at this stage, Jules is always available by phone to help with your fitting.

You send the marked up toile back to us, we alter the paper pattern and send a new fitting out to you.

We would expect the following timeframes
underbust corsets 1-2 fittings
skirts 1-2 fittings
overbust corsets, trousers, jackets, wedding dresses, and cocktail dresses 1-3 fittings

Only when you are entirely happy will we cut your final piece.

For those of you who would like the luxury of your own personal corsetiere, or you simply don't relish the idea of measuring at home we offer a full Atelier service, inclusive for bespoke clients. This is Jules preferred method of work, as there's no beating a skilled hand and eye during the fitting process.

Those of you using the Bespoke Service are most welcome to make an appointment to visit the studio at ANY stage to have your toile fitted personally by Jules.  It's not compulsory to visit the studio, we can do it all by mail and internet, but it can be helpful to plan in some visits. 


Our Made to Measure Service 

Small Items of Underwear: We've drawn up our own pattern blocks for these, and still cut each piece individually as ordered, so it's easy to tweak the fit for you.

You tell us of any special fitting instructions you want. In practice, we will always fix any problems with a finished item if it doesn't fit you perfectly.


For larger items:

We'll send you a list of measurements to take at home and a diagram, it's all really straight forward and should be easy - you'll need a friend to help you take the measurements. We will use these measurements to make your personal paper pattern. 

If you need help when taking measurements then Jules is only a phone call or email away. Because we make each item to your measurements, we can not be held responsible for any mistakes you may make. But, in practice, if we spot a measurement that looks suspect we will always contact you to check



Size Charts
Ladies Size
Single Size   UK 8 UK 10 UK 12 UK 14 UK 16
Bust 84 33 86 34 92 36 96 38 102 40
Waist 66 26 71 28 76½ 30 81½ 32 86½ 34
Hips 87½ 34½ 91½ 36 96½ 38 101½ 40 107 42


Ladies -  International Conversion
UK 8 10 12 14 16
European 36 38 40 42 44
US 4 6 8 10 12
Australia 8 10 12 14 16