Men's Leather Lined Squeeze Thong with Integral Ring

£230.00 GBP

The idea here is nice and minimal - beautiful leather thong, with a tailored opening and enclosed steel cock ring

Available in our full colour range of luxurious washable leathers - you can have different colour lining if you wish (go very careful with white though - it doesn't play nicely with the other colours and can suck in the colour of anything around it) 

All leather lined items are made to order please check our wait list before you order.

This item is cut for a snug fit, so do bear that in  mind.

Anything that doesn't fit in black outer and black or colour lining will be eligible for a remake size exchange OR credit note.
No returns on items with coloured outers.

We do have some guidelines for returning BOTTOMS:

- Please make sure you wear something underneath when trying
the size of the bottoms.
- Any bottoms returned have not been damaged, washed
or worn and do not contain any stains or smells.
- If the returned bottoms do not meet the above standards,
we will refuse the returned product. You won't believe it but it has happened. 
- Please make sure you read the 'how to return' instructions here - it's important to get International orders back through customs with no charge.

What our clients are saying....

Hi Jules,
What can I say?
It's a beautiful thing. It's a work of art. It's so god damn sexy!

I know I shouldn't have, but I wore your fantastic leather thong with integral cock ring for over six hours on first wearing. Normally it is a little uncomfortable to wear a cock ring for more than an hour, but with the leather encapsulation, it was so comfortable, I really could have worn it all night.

You have created a classic!

Thank you to you and your wonderful team!