MFWP Brief Black Edition

£109.00 GBP

Sale item available in black only (no contrast colours).

In stock ready to ship.

We're re-issueing our MFWP (Men's Fit, Women's pattern) range and working on it piece by piece - 

 The project is simple - this is our girls pattern, all flat fronted and feminine looking with no central seam, no male pouch, but MFWP is cut very slightly wider at the crotch so you can fit or tuck your tackle in as you wish.

Getting the right size - This item is cut for a snug fit, so do bear that in mind. If in doubt buy two and return one for refund.
Size XS - Women's UK 8 - Men's 30
Size S - Women's UK 10 - Men's 32
Size M - Women's UK 12 - Men's 34
Size L - Women's UK 14 - Men's 36
Size XL - Women's UK 16 - Men's 38
Size XXL - Women's UK 18 - Men's 40


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- Please make sure you wear something underneath when trying
the size of the bottoms.
- Any bottoms returned have not been damaged, washed
or worn and do not contain any stains or smells.
- If the returned bottoms do not meet the above standards,
we will refuse the returned product. You won't believe it but it has happened. 

- Please make sure you read the 'how to return' instructions here - it's important to get International orders back through customs with no charge.