Organza Pressing Cloth

Size Guide

Yes! You can iron leather - it's a bit like using hair straighteners on your hair, makes it all flat, kink free and shiny.

Our silk organza pressing cloth is see-through for easy alignment, smooth so that the iron doesn't catch on the leather and helps to protect the leather from shine and pressure point marks etc. You could use a silk scarf, but having a see-through pressing cloth makes life so much easier.

To iron the leather make sure you use a NON-STEAM iron - we don't want a single drop of steam to get onto our lovely leather. Steam makes leather shrink and go hard a bit like metal - and you don't want metal pants when you were expecting glove leather. So we keep a separate run of the mill, bog standard iron that we never put water into in the first place for all our ironing - part of the tailoring process here at the Lux studio.

Heat the iron up to high and then start pressing through the cloth, keeping moving like you would anything else, so you don't scorch or burn the leather underneath.

And that's it! Job done! Give yourself a High Five for being brilliant!

Comes in two sizes with a pinked edge.

Small approx, 45cms square & large approx 65cms square

Size: Approx. 45cm x 45cm or 65cm x 65cm


Size Charts
Ladies Size
Single Size   UK 8 UK 10 UK 12 UK 14 UK 16
Bust 84 33 86 34 92 36 96 38 102 40
Waist 66 26 71 28 76½ 30 81½ 32 86½ 34
Hips 87½ 34½ 91½ 36 96½ 38 101½ 40 107 42


Ladies -  International Conversion
UK 8 10 12 14 16
European 36 38 40 42 44
US 4 6 8 10 12
Australia 8 10 12 14 16