Ultimate Leather Bra Style Guide

Bra style guide

Here at Lux, I am focused on building the perfect killer bra for you. You’ll look and feel your best in a bra that’s designed to be the impeccable combination of craftsmanship, gorgeous leather, elegant design and precise fit. My work is to combine these in such a way that all of you out there feel immortal when you wear a Lux leather bra. 

This simple photo guide explains the features and benefits of our bra styles to help you find your perfect bra - same 36C middle-aged boobs in each so that you can see what happens. 

Underwired and non wired.

Self explanatory really, underwires do give a tremendous amount of shape support to your boobs.

You can see clearly how the underwire scoops the boob into the cup on these unpadded leather bras, Ilse with an underwire, Raphaela without.

Ilse has a much more rounded shape, with a three part cup, reminiscent of Freya brand bras, whilst Raphaela is based on the biggest selling bra in the world, the Triumph Doreen. Raphaela purposefully has this retro pointy shape.


A quick word about padded and unpadded styles.

What's really exciting about our unpadded bras is that because we use such thin glove leather, there's always a hint of delicious nipple standing proud. 

For a long time girls believed that if they had large boobs they had to wear unpadded, but this is not true. In fact we have found that a padded bra really offers great support for larger cup sizes, keeping your shape rounded and even. 

All of our padded bras give a really lovely rounded shape that the leather just couldn't do on it's own. Our unpadded bras are designed with this in mind and on larger sizes we may add an integral inner sling to help support the leather.


Balcony and Balconette:

Similar but not quite the same. Both sit on a band that goes right around the body, and both styles cup the boob from underneath giving you two round orbs of delight. Balconette styles go more or less straight across at  the top with wide set straps, whilst balcony dips down in the middle and up at the sides. They can be unpadded like the Ilse  we've just looked at, padded like our best selling Miranda balconette.


 What I really like about the balcony styles is generally you get beautiful rounding and plumping but without too much cleavage.

Lastly the Plunge Push Ups.

Plunge bras don't sit on a supporting band like the balconies, instead they have two wings which join at the back and a tiny bridge at the front. Very low cut at the front with wide set straps. They have different wire shape to the balconies and push your boobs together at the centre as well as up, giving defined cleavage. Usually padded, like our Kiss Kiss plunge,


but can also be superboosted like our Kiss Kiss Superboost. 

The plunge styles are all about killer cleavage - notice how almost a quarter of the centre of the bra is cut away to give that low front when you compare it to a balcony which goes straight across. What then happens is without the support of the wire there to push you up, you are free instead to roll toward the centre and produce a superb cleavage. The push up part of the description refers to the inside padding of the cup, push up cups have a ridge of foam that usually adds about a cup size, super boost cups, have even more and add around two cup sizes.


The thing I'd like to most impress on you is that you are free to wear any style, I know there are all sorts of classification systems in place for boob shape to find your perfect bra style for the right occasion. But, let's face it. Leather bras are different...

'When I wear leather I’m planning to stand out. Planning to shock . I know heads will turn. Because leather means control, leather screams power and attraction. Social norms crack like a cane across the thigh. Leather clad bodies roar at you and force your attention with a sexuality at once animal and regal.  Transcending our overexposure to sexual imagery, leather whispers a deeper philosophy, reminding us that power is key and King.'

Excerpt from 'What I think about when I wear leather'  Jules Hawkins

So, with this much power surging through your veins, you won't have time to worry whether your boobs are the right shape. Because with this much power there can not be a wrong shape. 

I want you to feel like a Goddess when you wear any of my things, but especially my bras. We are the only people in the world hand-making this range of sizes in glove leather for you. Because we wear these too. We love them. 


Hopefully you're now fully armed with knowledge, but if there's anything you're still unclear about, drop me a line - I never get bored of talking about bras, I'm passionate about them and love to share.