Leather Wedding Dress Measurement Guide

Measuring yourself for a leather wedding dress.

To begin, tie a string or ribbon around your waist so that we can use this line to measure up and down. 

1. How Tall Are You?

2. Nape of the neck to the waist at the back.

3. Waist to knee.

4. Waist to floor.

5. What bra size do you usually wear?

6. Measure your underbust.

7. Measure the distance down between this point and your waistline.

8. What is your waist measurement?

9. Either: What waist reduction would you like, or what would you like the finished waist on the corset to be? ?If you don't know that's fine, Juleswill sort it out for you.

10. Measure your high hips at 3" below your waistline.

11. Measure your hips at 5" below your waistline.

12. Measure around your hips at their fullest point.

13. How far down from the waist is this?

14. How far from the waist do you want the split of the skirt to start? 

15. Any special instructions? 


Please feel free to email at any stage whilst measuring, or text if that's quicker and easier 0781 7369221 and Jules will get back to you ASAP