Leather shirt or jacket - measurements needed


Relax and don't pull the tape too tight. You want to measure your normal, comfortable posture. To begin, please tie a string or ribbon around your waist so that we can use this line to measure up and down. If you wear a bra, then it's helpful to take the measurements whilst wearing one.

1. How Tall Are You?

2. Measure down from the nape of the neck to the waist at the back.  

3. Measure around neckline

4. Measure shoulder width

5. How long do you want the sleeve from the shoulder?  The sleeve length measurement is taken from the point of your shoulder (where you took the shoulder width measurement), following your bent arm down to where you want the sleeve to end. NOTE -  Bend your arm slightly when taking this measurement

6. Measure around the largest part of your upper arm

7. Measure around your wrist. 

8. Wrap the tape around your chest at the fullest point, usually at the nipples, to measure your chest/bust. Or, for women, what bra size do you wear?

9. Measure your underbust. On women, this is taken at the place where your bra band rests, or at the base of the pectoral muscle for men.

10. Measure the distance down between this point and your waistline.

11. What is your waist measurement?  


12. Measure your high hips at 3" below your waistline.

13. Measure your hips at 5" below your waistline.

14. Measure around your hips at their fullest point.

15. How far down from the waist is this?


16. Any special instructions?