Peek-a-Boo Hipster Brief Black Edition

£125.00 GBP

Sale item available in black only (no contrast colours).

Cheeky little hipster briefs with a cute window on your bum to frame your best asset.


Luxuriously delicate folded edges mixed with edgy D rings and rivets, give these briefs a uniquely feminine rock chic look.

Metal work available in gold-tone or steel. 

Getting the right size - This item is cut for a snug fit, so do bear that in  mind. However, if you're really unsure then it's OK to order 2 sizes and send one back for a refund. We resell your returns on our Outlet page. You get a better service and we don't lose money, it's a win-win. We do have some guidelines for returning BOTTOMS:

- Please make sure you wear something underneath when trying
the size of the bottoms.
- Any bottoms returned have not been damaged, washed
or worn and do not contain any stains or smells.
- If the returned bottoms do not meet the above standards,
we will refuse the returned product. You won't believe it but it has happened. Yuk.
- Please make sure you read the 'how to return' instructions here - it's important to get International orders back through customs with no charge.


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