Leather Lined Zip Fitted Boxers - Black Edition

£275.00 GBP

Sale item available in black only (no contrast colours).

We take our gorgeous leather fitted boxers, add a zip opening in the pouch and then cover the inside suede with more leather - so you get leather on both sides.


Your wish is our command.


We use the smoothest washable leather for our men's Zip fitted boxers. With a contoured pouch that gently lifts and supports and polished silver or gold zip for comfort and more prominent shape.

Powernet panels at side make sure these are really figure hugging, yet stretch enough to get on and off easily.

Made to order please check our wait list before you order.

Leg length is 1.5" - Need more length than that? - add £20 per inch per pair

Getting the right size - This item is cut for a snug fit, so do bear that in  mind. However, if you're really unsure then it's OK to order 2 sizes and send one back for a refund. We resell your returns on our Outlet page. You get a better service and we don't lose money, it's a win-win. We do have some guidelines for returning BOTTOMS:

- Please make sure you wear something underneath when trying
the size of the bottoms.
- Any bottoms returned have not been damaged, washed
or worn and do not contain any stains or smells.
- If the returned bottoms do not meet the above standards,
we will refuse the returned product. You won't believe it but it has happened. Yuk.
- Please make sure you read the 'how to return' instructions here - it's important to get International orders back through customs with no charge.