Wonderwoman Traps and Bra Straps

October 21, 2015

Wonderwoman Traps and Bra Straps


This is a shout out to all those ladies who like to Olympic lift, CrossFit, Body Build and generally move heavy weights around for pleasure. Have you noticed that your bra straps seem to be getting shorter and tighter? (Or even if they are miraculously still long enough, they slide straight off your shoulder).

It's OK, it's not that your bras are mysteriously shrinking - instead, it's all down to your marvelous trapezius shoulder muscles that are growing and rendering your regular sized bra straps useless. And it can be really painful.

I find that after a couple of hours of wear I start getting a really bad headache as the tension bears down on my (not particularly hench) shoulders and I have to change back into my comfy sports racer back bra. Obviously made worse if I was lifting the day before.

So what's going on here and what can we do?

Well, the first bit is easy. Bra makers like to save money where they can, so don't automatically add in an extra 4 inches of strap for Wonder Women like us. And if they do, there's a sporting chance that those straps will fall straight off your sculpted killer trap shoulders anyway.

There's a couple of things we can do to provide relief.

Firstly, if you are lucky enough to have the extra length straps, then simply invest in some confusingly named 'strap traps', (at Amazon or Ebay) and convert to a racer back, like so:

Bingo. Straying sliding straps tamed.

Otherwise your only option is to add some extra length in. Here are three of my Agent Provocateurs (who for some reason make their bras with really short straps) that I've just extended the straps on, which means I can keep wearing them instead of sending them down to the thrift shop.

So, for those of you that can, I'd recommend adding in your extra length at the back of the bra, you'll need a pair of matching 'O' rings, some matching elastic and a microtex needle. (You can buy all these things from us, just drop us an email, priced at £10 per set per bra)

Or, you can let us do the fiddly work for you, cost £15 per bra plus postage, all profits going to straight to beat Breast Cancer with Cancer Research UK

To stop your new straps from straying down your killer traps we've got sets of Strap Traps at £2 a set, includes one each black, white, nude and clear.


Hope this helps clear the mystery of the tightening straps, and please head on over to our Corset and Bra Repair Angel page if you'd like us to help you further.

In the meantime Stay Strong!




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