Postage EU area

£7.00 GBP



The last couple of months have seen an improvement in the way parcels are moving across the EU border, our current advice is:

To order from the EU, order as normal and choose your postage.

We will send your item in plain wrapping, marked as a gift with value around £7.50.

You will still have to pay some tax and other fees, but they are minimal.

The postal system is almost back to pre- Brexit times, meaning the EU border officers have calmed down a little bit. Having said that, there are still one or two officers that will stop every item that doesn't have tracking and simply return it to the UK.
My advice is to add the minimum tracking, and everything will go through perfectly

We let you choose the level of insurance cover you want at checkout or at any point before we post it out to you.

If you don't top up your tracking/insurance, then orders will go out with only £20 of insurance cover included. Once your order has left the Lux studio we won't be able to find out where it is if it gets lost or reimburse you in any way past £20.

Tracking lets you can keep tabs on your order and in many cases even see who has signed for it.

In fact we think tracking is so important for your order that we've subsidised the prices, and our advice is to always get some insurance and tracking to look after your precious item after it's left our studio. We've noticed that even minimal tracking cover seems to stop parcels disappearing.

If you missed the option at checkout, you can add it after your order at anytime up until dispatch, just pop your original order number into the special instruction box and we'll do the rest for you.

Royal Mail only offers International insurance up to £250, but as we have noted, even tracking for £50 seems to stop disappearances