Leather Hayworth Wedding Dress FAQ's

Can this be made for me without me having to travel to Bristol for fittings? 

Yes, we simply do the whole thing by post, it's usually as quick as coming here for fittings. We will post you out a duplicate fitting in plain white cotton, called a toile, (pronounced twall).


I want to get this done as soon as possible also allowing plenty of time for perfect fitting. Delivery for sure by the end of this year.

Please let me know how much of a deposit you will need right now to get started.

We take a 25% deposit to secure your dress and that will cover all of our work up until we are ready to order your leather, after the final fitting has been signed off.  


Do you prefer bank transfer or credit card?

Bank transfer is great and there are no charges, so the bank don't make a profit on your dress.


sort code is 60 83 71   A/C 14193313


  • IBAN AND BIC: GB02SRLG60837114193313

Starling Bank


My wedding date is in 12 months. I am just trying to figure out what is the best way to go about ordering time wise.

The best thing to do is get started as early as possible, get booked into our system by ordering your dress and paying a 25% deposit, but there is no need to book in before 12 months. At this early stage let us know your date so we can book you into our diary. Our diary fills up surprisingly quickly and the sooner you book in, the easier it is to make sure everything runs to plan.

My wedding is in 10 months so I'm still on panic diet, please let me know when you need the measurements by so I know how much longer I've got to sweat out in the gym.

Please give us as much time as you can for fittings, as it's almost impossible to work with people who are changing size, we will really need to wait until you are at a stable weight.  The risk you take is that if you plan to lose a further inch and then don't you may be left with an unwearable dress even though it was signed off at the last fitting, which needs to be around six weeks before the big day.


At what stage would you need the final measurements?

Assuming, we're already at the fitting process, then the final measurements and fitting need to be around 6 weeks latest, before the big day.


I would like to start the process of purchasing this wedding dress, on a payment plan if possible?

Yes, we are happy to organise a payment plan for you, we do this on an individual basis.


I would need it for 8 weeks time, is it possible?

Yes, but you will need to pay 50% deposit right now and get ready to have your measurements sent over within days. Here's a link to the wedding dress measurement guide  but we will send you over an email copy as well.


I am going to be doing the dress in white but I am trying to get an idea for the lining. In the pictures you have purple. Is that the best one you have found for it or what are your suggestions?

You can have any lining colour you like, we used purple in ours as it was to hand. You can also have the dress in any colour leather you like.