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    Vote for Jules in the Women In Making competition

Lux Retiring from BBB
June 02, 2013

  Lux models stand in front of the Lux stall during the 2012 BBB fashion show.   After much consideration we've decided to retire from showing at BBB, Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar. We always have such a blast working there and...

What I Think About When I Think about Wearing Leather.
March 20, 2013

  The wearing of leather is an art form. Rarely the subject of whim, it’s attended instead by planning and forethought. Leather remains pure, like a good sentence, with context, structure and meaning, it tells you the story. It’s both...

Three Quick Steps to Slow Fashion
February 04, 2013

Quality over Quantity:   December: It's the time of year where we're all about looking glam, and for many of us, this will mean new clothes.   With sparkly come-hither Xmas windows the High Street beckons. Look how they've made...

The One Difference Between Bespoke and Made To Measure Service.
February 04, 2013

  Both services involve you sending measurements and having an individual pattern made for you. Both have the same premium workmanship - all of our finished items take days of intricate, delicate hand work. The difference between the two is...