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Leather Wedding dresses
January 23, 2015

  I took our Lux Wedding Dress off the site a couple of months back as I had fallen out of love with the lambskin we were using to make it, and I'm not sure if we could do a...

New Year New Leather!
January 07, 2015

We're completely over-excited with our first ever batch of 0.45mm gloving leather, the usual thickness is 0.55mm. Look how thin it is! It's like working with silk. Complete sublime luxury. We've also tweaked all of the patterns, following your feedback,...

Muppetry courtesy of Paypal
January 07, 2015

  I've been with Paypal since 2003, during which time they have frozen my account multiple times, withheld money, reversed transactions that had already gone into my bank, and generally treated me like I'm the new pirate in town. 'This...

Meow...... Catsuit love.
December 12, 2014

  Our quest to make you the most perfectly fitting beautifully designed leather catsuit. The sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed that our original Catsuit is missing from the menu at the moment. Partly, because of my move away from...