Night at the Opera Glove

£135.00 GBP

Hand made and utterly decadent our long leather Opera Gloves are irresistibly tactile, timeless and chic.

Traditionally cut by hand
Invisible seam, hand finished hem


1.With or without 'points' - hand-stitched details

2.Colour - choose from this GLOVE COLOUR CHART

Not all the clothing leathers make good gloves so we use thinner leather for our gloves (the gloves are all one colour - apologies but the 'optional contrast colour' above, is an an html glitch)

3. Size

4. Length - this opera glove is sizes 6- 8.5  length 15", sizes 9-10 length 16" from the base of the thumb/wrist bone - Want them shorter? No charge, tell us in the special instruction box - Want them longer? Add £20 per inch on our extensions payment page

Bespoke Option - If you have unique hands, let us draw you a unique pattern. Our bespoke personal glove fitting service costs £50 - We'll need these measurements and some hand tracings.

Gloves usually made for you in around 4 weeks.

Check out our blog post about the longest gloves we've ever made, at 32" they are as long as my legs!

What if it doesn't fit? - worth mentioning that in 20 yrs, we've never had a pair that don't fit - you guys take good measurements!

How to wash and iron your lovely leather