Face Glove Face Mask BLACK EDITION

£49.50 GBP

Because we wanted a leather one.

Stop touching your face and treat yourself to this luxurious glove leather face mask
Edged in smoothest washable  leather.

Over-the-ear tie fastening with cord elastic

BLACK ONLY! This referral reward is only available in black  - we're happy to make you colours, but they're not in the rewards program.

measure from nose tip to chin tip 

small - nose to chin 8 cms

medium - nose to chin 9 cms

large - nose to chin 10 cms

XL- nose to chin 11 cms

Mask goes under the chin and over the nose - these are really flexible for fit. The measurement is taken from nose tip 

to where your chin sticks out most



Each mask is 4cm longer at each edge than the measurement we've asked you for, so a size small goes 4cm down the nose, then 8cm to chin then 4cm under chin, so it's 16cm total. They're shaped and so we just need the measurement between the points. If in doubt size UP, it's OK, you won't be swamped.

There's also a width component - and too small on the width wouldn't be a problem, whereas too wide would let the mask fall off.
Measuring across the face above the lips, a small is 20cm, medium is 21cm, large is 22cm and XL is 23cm. If in doubt size DOWN. 

If you're between sizes, go with the nose to chin measurement, this is the crucial one.

If we have stocked out then will be cut Tuesday for shipping the following week but please check you are happy with our wait list before you order.