Corset and Bra Repair Service

Corset and Bra Repair Angel: For all your repairs, alterations or just a little TLC



Given due care and attention, your Lux Tenebrae corset or bra will last a lifetime. But at some stage it may need to be serviced and you can rely on our superb service to get your delicates up and running again. What ever your issue, if you have a Lux corset or bra, email us and we will look after you.


If your item is not Lux Tenebrae, we may still be able to help you, and we often carry out repairs when other corset suppliers turn you away. Here is a brief list of our Corset Angel Service for non Lux satin and leather corsets:

Our most common non Lux corset repair: The button has sheared off the busk.

Cause - Not undoing the lacing enough when taking a corset off so when you unbutton the corset, there comes a point when the entire pressure of the corset is on one little button, which eventually will fail. Make sure you loosen the lacing so that the corset is hanging off before unbuttoning.

Fixable? Yes. Replacement busk needed as individual buttons can't be stuck back on. Price starts at £50 plus postage. 


Second most common issue: The boning is poking out of the front or back


Cause - Bones made from untreated metal strips with sharp edges, start emerging through the corset within the first couple of wears. The use of rough metal strips as a cheap substitute for corset bones is widespread in imported corsets.

Fixable? Yes. This boning is usually around just the eyelets and down the front, we can peel back the edging and replace with authentic corset boning. Price starts at £40


Third most common problem, eyelets pulling out on the waist.

Cause - not enough stiffening where it's needed allows the eyelets to move and they wriggle free within only a couple of months.

Fixable? Yes. If you've got your corset in with us for servicing we never mind popping the odd eyelet into place free of charge, but it's always worth thinking about having a full eyelet grommit refit. We'll take all the eyelets out with pliers, strengthen the whole area and then re insert new two piece grommets. Price £75


Fourth most common problem, you've changed shape and the corset is now too big or too small.

Fixable? Yes. We can make your corset smaller in many different ways - the easiest is to peel back the top and bottom edging by 6 inches, take out a portion down the middle of the corset, then put it all back together again. 



Corset too small? Try our eyelet panel extension to add years of life. £75



Current prices as at Jan 2018 



Replacement busk: regular £50, extra wide £55, spoon busk £75

Replace worn top and bottom edges £50

Insert authentic steel corset bones: to back edge £40, or £60 for front and back.

Eyelet extension panel £75

Straight forward size reduction,  £30 - minimum reduction is 2inches/10cms 

General leatherwork or corsetry work £40/hr. Minimum charge 1hr, then 1/2hrly after that.

Refit 1- Replace worn top and bottom edges and entire boning £75
Refit 2 - Back grommet eyelet refit inc new leather, coutil strips and fully eyelet replacement £75
Refit 3 - Replace worn top and bottom edges and entire boning and eyelets £100

Gold service refit 1- Replace worn top and bottom edges, entire boning and steam cleaning £125
Gold service refit 2 - Back grommet eyelet refit inc new leather, coutil strips, full eyelet replacement, steam cleaning£125
Gold service refit 3- Replace worn top and bottom edges and entire boning and eyelets and steam clean £150

Postage £10 UK, £35 International -  those steel bones are heavy


Pay by bank transfer, by card over the phone, or email us and we'll set you up an invoice to pay online. Easy.



Bra strap lengthening £15 per bra

Kit for lengthening your straps at home £10

Bra strap traps £2 per set of four

Postage £5 UK, £15 International

All profits from our bra work go to beat breast cancer with Cancer Research UK










Email our Corset Repair Angel to determine what's needed to bring your undies back to life.

If you are sending in a corset or bra for repair from outside the UK - this bit is important: please make sure that the parcel is clearly marked "UK CLOTHING RETURN - no commercial value" to avoid any customs problems. Otherwise UK cuctoms will charge a tax bill on the incoming items that we will have to pass onto you.

After evaluating the corset or bra, the cost of repair can will be confirmed by our Corset Repair Angel. Other alterations and enhancements are charged at £40 plus P+P.



Hi Jules, Received it today, you've done a fantastic job! Thank you so much it's just what I wanted. I have a few corsets that are too long in the same way, it's annoying because they fit everywhere else, (what comes of being short ha ha) so I may well be back for more, if that's ok with you. Think the next one I buy I'll get made to measure, though saying that the one you have just done has cost approximately £100 inc alterations which is good. Thanks for the extras and the lightning speed service too, much appreciated. Best wishes


hi jules -

I just wanted to let you know that my corset arrived yesterday and it looks wonderful!  thank you so much for your help & excellent customer service. 

Size Charts
Ladies Sizes - we make our patterns to fit these measurements.
Ladies Size 
  UK 8 UK 10 UK 12 UK 14 UK 16
Bust 84 33 86 34 92 36 96 38 102 40
Waist 66 26 71 28 76½ 30 81½ 32 86½ 34
Hips 87½ 34½ 91½ 36 96½ 38 101½ 40 107 42





 Mens size - we make our patterns to fit these measurements.



To find your regular glove size, take the measurement around your palm, glove sizing is still done in inches, so you'll need to convert if necessary - 2.54cm = 1 inch.

Our gloves are on the tight side, so you may want to round up or down according to how you like them to fit, a good regular fit by sizing up, a super tight fit by sizing down.