Venus In Furs

£605.00 GBP

Beautiful leather and fur jacket, a classic Lux design that you won't see anywhere else.

Inspired by The Velvet Underground, and designed to show off your dress or lingerie whilst keeping you incredibly warm. This is our made to measure glove leather cropped jacket with rabbit fur cowl neck. Hook and Eye closure at neck. Lined.


Always available in black and a changing range of washable supersoft Pittard's leather colours, - depends on what's available on the world market, changes all the time -speak to us to see what's available right now.

Ethically sourced English Rabbit Fur that, like our leather, is a by-product of the food industry. The pelts are extremely lustrous, soft and flexible and come in a range of natural or dyed colours. The picture shows a natural fur called 'mottled' .  Speak to Jules about colours when you are ready to order.


There are really only two areas we need to get right here:

- sleeve length, which is 24" standard across all sizes. Bigger or smaller can be adjusted with simple made to measure instructions. Same with sleeve width, if you know you need more space in your sleeve, then made to measure will solve this easily

- back/shoulder - off the peg fits these bra sizes  8=32, 10=34, 12=36, 14=38, 16=40. So what to do if you are a 32D? You can either go for a size 12 which will give the same space, but not quite in the right place, or go made to measure and have it look perfect

Lux advice - most people will be able to get away with off the peg as this isn't a tightly tailored piece. Any changes needed to sleeves or back can be done pretty well just by using made to measure. Switching to bespoke is a luxury on this jacket more than a necessity

Dry Clean.

Usually made for you within 6 weeks, but built to last a lifetime. Please check you are happy with our wait list before you order.

Upgrade to Bespoke. Have a cotton fitting sent to you.