MissGVious Black Leather Boot Covers

£160.00 GBP

We were so frustrated by not being able to buy exactly the over-knee-boot we wanted, that we made our own.

Our own supple Lux leather covers that is, that slip over your favourite boots and transform them and you in a flash.

Leg lengthening and thigh-slendering (not a word, should be though) long boots have always been the mutts nuts. Put them on with anything and you look amazing, it really is that simple.

Ours are 22" 56cm long from where they dip under your boot. With a zip on the inner calf, they are easy to slip on. You put these on first, then your own boots, then simply clip the under heel suspender in place, just like snapping a pair of spurs into place.

Long silky tassels dress the boots beautifully.

Made of Washable Pittards Black glove leather, 0.65mm thick - that's slightly sturdier than our lingerie grade so they stay up.

These are cut for high heels, tell us if you want them for flats.

Shown with matching Body suit and harness


The ones shown in UK dress size 10 have total width at calf 14" 36cm and thigh 15.5" 40cm - all other sizes will be in increments of 1/2" 1cm larger or smaller.

Need more length than 22" - add £20 per inch per pair

Want more girth than size 16 - add £20 per inch  per pair


Sizing: (Sizes are UK dress sizes)

8 calf 13.5" 35cm   thigh 15" 38cm

10 calf 14" 36cm   thigh 15.5" 39cm

12 calf 14.5" 37cm   thigh 16" 40cm

14 calf 15" 38cm   thigh 16.5" 42cm

16 calf 15.5" 39cm   thigh 17" 43cm

Usually cut on Tuesday for shipping the following week but please check you are happy with our wait list before you order.