How to measure for bespoke gloves

To make your Custom gloves we'll need some measurements, taken on the Palm Side of your hand, Watch  this video of how to measure for bespoke gloves

You can take measurements in inches or centimetres,
A. Thumb length
B. Forefinger length
C. Middle finger length
D. Ring finger length
E. Little finger length
F. Thumb catch
G. Palm circumference
H. Length of glove from wrist bone
I. Circumference of glove at desired length
J. Hand tracing by laying your hand completely flat with your fingers and thumb spread out. Take a sharp pencil or pen (not a thick marker pen etc) and keep the pen/pencil in an upright position while tracing around the hand.
Emailing your hand tracing can distort the actual size of your hand, so please either send as a pdf with an inch scale to calibrate, or send the tracings to us:

Please post your hand tracings to:

The Glass House, 55a Brookside, Pill, BS20 0LA